About Us

The Compassionate Friends has more than 700 chapters across the United States, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Our local chapter was established in 2000. Participants are all bereaved parents, adult siblings, or grandparents who are dealing with the death of a child. We have been where you are and we continue to return to offer friendship and support through the natural grieving process after the devastating death of a child. We are not therapists and we do not provide counseling.

Chapter meetings often consist of two parts, a sharing session plus a program topic related to bereavement after the death of a child.

As we meet together, we learn from each other through our shared experiences. Some who attend will be young and some will be old. Some will be women and some will be men. Some will come alone while others will come as couples. You will find people mourning the loss of an adult child and others who are mourning the loss of a child who never had an opportunity to take its first breath.You may find people whose child died 30 years ago and others with a loss so fresh their pain is measured in days and weeks.

If you’re shy or unable to talk about your loss, you do not have to speak, although you will have the opportunity. No one is forced to talk about his or her loss. Much can be gained by listening. Some people believe it’s harder to talk in front of strangers about something as intimate as the loss of a child, but because everyone else at the meeting has had a similar experience, they understand much of what you are feeling and you will eventually reach a comfort level with those you meet. Know that there will be sadness and tears as we talk about our loss, but there will be joy and laughter as we remember special times with our children. Always remember, what is said at a meeting stays at the meeting. The privacy of our members is important. We’re all there to work toward healing.

When you come to a meeting, we ask that you attend at least three meetings before you decide if The Compassionate Friends is right for you. We know that support groups are not for everyone.

More than 17,000 bereaved parents, siblings, and grandparents in need of support attend TCF meetings in the U.S. every month. You will find it is so very true what we often say, “You Need Not Walk Alone!”