Times, Location & Info

First Thursday of each month at 7:00pm
Fellowship Christian Church
26889 Bouquet Canyon Rd. Suite C.
Saugus, CA 91350

Take the side alley street of the Goodwill store and make a left behind the store, the church is located in that building, entry to the church is the double glass doors.

PLEASE NOTE: Google maps will take you to the B ouquet Canyon Shopping Center, the Fellowship Christian Church is located in the back of the building of the Goodwill store.

Our next meeting is:
Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases statewide and the restrictions we all have to live with now, we are sorry to report that the regularly scheduled, in person meetings are cancelled until further notice.    Check back here to get the latest information.  Please stay safe and healthy until we meet again.  
In the meantime, we will be holding on-line Zoom meetings on the regularly scheduled first Thursday of the month.  Our next Zoom meeting will be November 5 at 7PM.  Anyone interested in participating in this meeting and haven't already done so, please email Steve or Jeanne Crittenden (stevenmcrittenden@gmail.com or joriesgirl56@gmail.com) indicating your interest so we can add you to the invitation for the meeting.  

About our Meetings :
Our monthly support group meetings are the heart of TCF. These gatherings provide a caring environment in which bereaved parents, adult siblings, and grandparents can talk freely about the emotions and experiences they are going through and receive the understanding support of others who have “been there”. This sharing time allows members to express their feelings, but no one needs to share unless he or she wishes, and anything said at a meeting is totally confidential. The meetings may also include a brief program, panel, or speaker.